The ESA Annual Conference and Expo is the most authoratative source of industry education - and on the first day of our event we convene a number of pre-conference workshops. Enhance your participation by adding any of the below workshops to your conference registration. All workshops will take place on Monday, April 25th. Please note that these events must be registered for separately and a separate fee will apply.

Session I - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Energy Storage 101
Essential learning for anyone entering the industry - this workshop will provide participants with the basics about energy storage: including its history in the energy industry; the services it provides to users; and the benefits it can bring to generation, transmission, distribution, micro-grid, and off-grid applications.
Organizer: Electric Power Research Institute
Facilitator: Ben Kaun, Sr Project Manager, Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources

Batteries Not Included: North Carolina's Landscape of Opportunities for Energy Storage

The goal of the workshop is to provide conference attendees with an overview os the landscape and existing markets for energy storage in North Carolina, educate attendees on business opportunities in state, and to discuss barriers within these markets and what lies ahead.
Organizer: North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association 
Facilitator: Mike Davis, Director of Strategic Partnerships

MESA/EPRI Workshop on Energy Storage System Communications and Controls

This workshop will detail MESA and EPRI’s work to date and share lessons learned from vendors and utilities during the development and early deployment of the MESA communication specifications.

Organizer: MESA Standards Alliance & Electric Power Research Institute

Facilitator: Darcy Wheeles, Program Director

Session II - 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Energy Storage 201
Building on Energy Storage 101, this workshop provides a detailed perspective on the valuation of storage through wholesale markets and distribution-connected and behind-the-meter applications.
Organizer: Customized Energy Solutions (CES)
Facilitator: Mike Berlinski, Senior Consultant - Emerging Technology

Energy Storage for Utilities
Free for utility attendees - this workshop provides a deep dive into the what, how, and why behind energy storage systems enabling higher grid reliability and efficiency, lowering operating costs, and augmenting utility revenues. 
Organizer: Rocky Mountain InstituteRES Americas
Facilitator: Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Associate with RMI; Patrick Leslie, Business Development Manager with RES Americas; and Craig Horne, Vice President of Business Development with RES Americas

Expanding Markets for Energy Storage in India
In this presentation, Dr. Rahul Walawalkar will explain various drivers for advanced energy storage in India. He will provide latest updates on various government policies as well as private initiatives that are creating opportunities for ESA members.
Organizer: India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)
Facilitator: Rahul Walawalker, Executive Director

New workshops will continue to be added, continue to check back!